Breaking coinage boundaries.

Building on more than a hundred years of expertise in zinc, we’ve created ZincSecure®: a cost-effective solution for mints’ and banks’ high-cost alloy coins (HSA) and low-value notes.

Change the way you see — and value — coinage.

ZincSecure® is an example of proven technologies providing exceptional value. This non-magnetic material creates unique electromagnetic signatures (EMS) that offer security with significant cost savings. Distinguished among other coinage products and featuring overt and covert security features, ZincSecure represents a coinage alternative manufactured with superior protection and performance in mind.

In May 2018, when Ukraine announced its National Bank (NBU) would convert two of its high circulation denomination banknotes to ZincSecure coins, we knew we had broken the coin-banknote boundary. Here’s why.


ZincSecure protects mints’ and central banks’ currencies using anti-counterfeit technology in a wide variety of zinc-based coin alternatives. Here are just a few examples of what sets it apart from alternative materials:

  • ZincSecure’s sophisticated manufacturing process ensures a distinct electromagnetic signature (EMS) that closes the gaps for counterfeit currencies
  • Family of base material (a unique ZincSecure alloy) drives EMS vs. a steel alternative, where plating determines EMS
  • Consistent EMS throughout the life of the coin
  • Properties are customizable based on specific requirements
  • Specialized technical expertise makes complex images on a coin’s surface difficult to replicate
  • Non-magnetic quality makes it compatible with existing sorting and vending systems


From coinability to durability, ZincSecure exceeds the challenging and exact parameters required by mints and banks.

  • Corrosion-resistant and protects the coin’s imagery against wear over time
  • Offers comparable, if not improved, durability/wear resistance to more expensive, solid alloy coins
  • Mechanical properties can be modified without changing its EMS
  • Compared to other materials, zinc-based coins promise extraordinary die-fill performance and guarantee higher image relief and more intricate designs at lower tonnage


Increasing savings without compromising security or quality is the highest priority in the coinage industry. And while mints and central banks are constantly searching for more profitable options, we’ve ensured ZincSecure satisfies every requirement while also improving seigniorage.

  • A sustainable solution to banknotes, requiring nearly 20x fewer production cycles and priced at a fraction of the cost
  • Lower scrap rate and 100% recyclable (its scrap material is almost more valuable than steel)
  • Lower maintenance and transportation costs
  • Extended die life – internal studies showed up to 4x longer than plated steel

Our strongest currency is innovation.

Our product innovation is already changing the coin-note industry, and receiving recognition around the globe.

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) announced ZincSecure™ coins will replace two of its banknotes, the 5 and 10 Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH 5 and UAH 10)

Tested and validated by the European Vending Association (EVA) and Independent Mints

‘Best Coin Innovation’ finalist by International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA)

Utilized for Commemorative Coins by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the National Bank of Ukraine


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