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ARTAZN maximizes zinc’s benefits for residential and commercial building projects across the world. Whether our customers are focused on form, function, or both, zinc’s natural ductility, malleability, and soldering properties are tapped to strengthen and beautify any number of construction and architectural projects. Buildings. Roofs. Bridges. Supported by zinc, they can all stand the test of time.


Build long-lasting dependability into every project.

Not only is zinc more cost effective compared to metals like copper and brass, but it also actively fights corrosion. Metals especially vulnerable to corrosion, iron and steel, rely on zinc coating to weather the elements and even repair damage brought on from years of exposure—one reason cities everywhere depend on the power of zinc to strengthen aging infrastructure and extend its lifecycle before major repairs or replacements require large investments.

See how zinc may benefit your next construction project


Our applications for the construction world are far reaching and rooted in industry expertise. If you don't find what you’re looking for, our product development team can always collaborate on custom product solutions.


Alloy 190

Metal corner beads provide clean and straight protection for drywall corners. Zinc corner beads are a low-cost and corrosion resistant option. They provide a high-quality, durable finish and can be easily installed.

  • Protect drywall corners
  • Low cost corrosion-resistance
  • Durable finish with easy installation


Alloy 190

Expansion joints accommodate movement due to temperature changes without damaging sections between drywall in both commercial and residential buildings. Zinc is one of the best materials to accommodate a relatively large range of expansion and contraction.

  • Helps prevent property damage during temperature-induced expansion
  • Accommodates commercial and residential properties


Alloy 190

Zinc Protect strip enhances roof durability by preventing decay and discoloration caused by moss, algae, fungus, and mold. It can be easily installed on most roofs. As rain water runs along the length of the roof, zinc carbonate produced from the strip washes across the roof and inhibits mold growth. Click here to order via

  • Helps prevent moss and mold growth
  • Increases roof durability


Alloy 505

Metal flashings are thin pieces of impenetrable material installed to prevent the passage of water into a joint, and this alloy was specifically developed for the metal flashing industry. The malleability of this alloy approaches that of lead, whereas zinc is known to be corrosion-resistant and a fungistat.

  • Helps prevent passage of water into joints
  • Corrosion-resistant fungistat
  • Developed especially for the metal flashing industry


Alloy 710

Popular in Europe for over 150 years, guttering systems produced from zinc are durable and long-lasting within a variety of environmental conditions. Also, zinc gutters and downspouts have a classic look that will supply a lifetime of water remediation needs.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Classic aesthetic
  • Widely used and effective in Europe since the 19th century


Alloy 190

Zinc strip is used for plumbing hardware such as faucet plates, shower head back plates, and shower cover plates. With zinc, various plated finishes can be applied to suit the plumbing hardware needs. Zinc is more cost effective than brass or stainless steel.

  • More cost effective than brass or stainless steel
  • Highly malleable for hardware requirements


Alloy 710

Historically, zinc has been the preferred choice for stained glass framing. Zinc is easily soldered. It is also more rigid than lead, allowing a window to be more structurally stable.

  • Easily soldered
  • More rigid, structurally stable than lead


Alloy 190

Terrazzo strip is used for its aesthetic appeal and durability. Our material is often used as the skeletal framework to the floor layout enabling intricate designs and transitions between colors. Zinc strip ensures lasting durability in areas with temperature fluctuations as it allows for a wide range of thermal expansion and contraction.

  • Durable
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Maps floor layouts and intricate designs

Design so beauty and quality last.

Besides being practical, zinc is also surprisingly beautiful and perfectly suited for creative expression within architecture. Its formability allows for the design of intricate shapes and elaborate forms, and its longevity makes it ideal for roofing, wall cladding, dormers, steeples, gutters, and other water-shedding components.

Made in the USA, recyclable and scratch-resistant, ARTAZN zinc is available in a variety of paint and pre-weathered finishes, as well as phosphate and protective coatings.

ARTAZN produces zinc strip with 99.995% pure special high-grade zinc, meets ASTM B69 and EN 988 standards, and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


The Architectural Series™

The Architectural Series features zinc in its own characteristic color varieties from brilliant smooth to classic weathered and in dimensional textured finishes, giving you options to fit your design.

  • Characteristic color varieties
  • Textured finishes to complement design

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