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130 years of innovation and expertise have brought us here. Find out how we’re harnessing the power of zinc to unlock its greatest potential and performance, creating essential solutions for you – our partners – and vital industries across the globe.

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Our product solutions power performance.

Building / Construction

As the largest zinc strip producer in North America, and the expert in zinc strip’s alloy compositions, our spectrum of zinc solutions reaches far and wide. Examine our full range of applications and benefits across industries.


Innovation Center

It takes collaboration.

We’ve relied on the power of collaboration from the very beginning, and now, our partners can experience it at work, first-hand. Our Innovation Center is a dedicated lab focused on bringing customized solutions to life through collaboration and the latest innovation. Come on in.

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Why Artazn

Innovators. Artisans. Partners.

Manufacturing Capacity

We are the largest North American producer of solid zinc strip and zinc based products and one of the largest in the world.


The management team's focus on encouraging innovation and diversity in products drives the company to overcome the challenges of a dynamic market.

Product Development Team

Technical teams help engineer new products based on customer specifications and spur improvements in existing product lines.

In-house Expertise

We are dynamic and have the ability to forge a variety of alloys to meet customer requirements. We have the in-house capability to obtain a range of gauges, widths, and plating finishes. Our automated quality control system ensures our finished products are of the highest quality. And our resident metallurgists, plating specialists, and material science experts have decades of experience and extensive knowledge to bring about zinc innovations that suit our customers' needs.


Zinc is a natural element that is essential for all living things. It can be recycled forever without losing its properties or qualities, making it a material of choice in a sustainable society. ARTAZN recycles zinc scrap produced during the various production processes, and our well-maintained effluent treatment system assures a clean environment around us.


We have been manufacturing zinc strip for over 130 years. Decades in the zinc industry have enhanced our technical capabilities of melting, casting, rolling, slitting, and plating zinc strip for a variety of applications.


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