Protect and prolong with zinc.

Protect against chloride-induced corrosion and prolong vital infrastructure. That’s exactly what Cathodic Protection systems enable you to do. Our systems combine the power of zinc and superior engineering to provide effective, long-term remediation of steel and steel-reinforced concrete structures and concrete highway pavements, simultaneously extending the life and value of these essential everyday structures. Learn why our Cathodic Protection products are the solutions you can trust.



Bridge Column Repair
The LifeJacket® cathodic protection system utilizes proven zinc anode technology to provide a long-term repair and remediation of both steel and steel-reinforced concrete structures subjected to premature failure due to chloride induced corrosion.

LifeJacket Sell Sheet – ARTAZN Branded


Point Anode
The LifeAnode™ system is an engineered galvanic “discrete” or “point” anode designed for use in concrete patch repairs due to chloride-induced corrosion. The LifeAnode™ system extends the life of the repair by preventing “halo”- or “ring-effect” corrosion damage.

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Concrete Highway Pavements
Steel dowel bars are critical structural components of jointed concrete pavements. The LifeDowel™ provides 2-fold protection of these dowels from corrosion due to deicing salts.

LifeDowel Sell Sheet – ARTAZN Branded


Dry Zone Applications
LifePanel® system provides long life, maintenance-free galvanic cathodic protection solutions to corroding reinforced concrete structures in “dry zones”–not directly in seawater or splash zones–such as columns, beams, retaining walls, etc.


Pipelines, Storage Tanks, and Transmission Grids LifeRibbon is our latest zinc ribbon anode engineered to protect steel structures against corrosion while reducing costs for owners and contractors. Primary applications include AC mitigation grounding and galvanic cathodic protection.

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