Innovation Center

Where partnership fuels innovation.

Working with us has a number of benefits but particularly when it comes to creating customized product solutions. We work alongside our customers to understand the nuance of their needs within a greater context, not just industry demand, specifications, cost, time frames, etc. We know that when we work together and create a collaboration based on exchange of expertise and respect, incredible things come out of it. Would you like a clearer idea of how we work?


Dedicated Personnel

Our lab facilities are run and managed by a staff completely dedicated to development, experimentation, and testing of our latest innovations and customer solutions.

Lab Infrastructure

Our multiple lab facilities house a range of lab equipment and tools that enable us to quickly produce and analyze samples.

Years of Experience

Our lab personnel have over a hundred years of combined experience in metallurgy and zinc. Their expertise enables our lab to understand our customers’ needs and develop appropriate solutions.

Range of Applications

From high-security coinage to sustainable infrastructure rehabilitation, our facility has expanded the applications of zinc and the industries it benefits.

Focus on Customer Needs

The focus of our development lab is on customer-driven innovation. Our staff will work with you to understand your goals and how zinc can help achieve them.