Guarantee greater protection with zinc.

And even greater benefits for you. LifeRibbon – ARTAZN’s newest zinc ribbon anode – is expertly engineered to tackle some of the toughest challenges faced by steel structure owners and contractors today, from the costs of decoupling, trenching, and splicing to further optimizing performance for a variety of environments.

Extend the life of vital structures while saving resources.

Pipelines, storage tanks, and transmission grids are just some of the essential structures at risk of costly A.C. voltages and corrosion. LifeRibbon’s innovative design and higher surface area help protect these structures by conducting and diffusing charges more efficiently than competitors’ diamond-shaped ribbon and also simplifying the installation and commission process.

These benefits, plus ARTAZN’s unique customization offerings and competitive pricing, secure LifeRibbon as the AC mitigation grounding ribbon and galvanic cathodic protection anode of choice.


LifeRibbon Sizes Weight lb/LF Gauge x Width Inches Surface Area Increase Over Diamond Shaped
LR1.2 1.20 0.078 x 5.0 4.7x
LR0.6 0.62 0.040 x 5.0 6.7x
LR0.3 0.37 0.040 x 3.0 6.8x

Provides Greater AC Mitigation Efficiency

Diamond-shaped ribbon anodes commonly used for AC mitigation are not optimized for a variety of soil conditions. In comparison, the superior grounding performance of LifeRibbon™ offers cost savings by providing pipelines equal standards of protection with substantially less weight volume.

  • Optimized for a variety of soil conditions
  • Provides equal protection at substantially less weight volume

Requires Fewer Connections and Decouplers

Because LifeRibbon can conduct and diffuse currents more efficiently, it requires less frequent pipe-to-ribbon connections and decouplers than diamond-shaped ribbon, all other operating conditions being equal.

  • More efficiently conducts charges through the product and diffuses the charge into the soil
  • Connections are more durable than those of diamond-shaped connections

Reduces Material and Labor Costs

LifeRibbon’s superior grounding performance allows for certain projects to eliminate the need for a dual pair of ribbons and trenches that would normally be required if using a diamond-shaped ribbon. As a result, using LifeRibbon could dramatically reduce material costs for structure owners and labor costs for installers.

  • Eliminates need for dual pair of ribbons and trenches
  • Cuts labor in half

Ensures Faster, More Durable Splices and Connections

LifeRibbon’s flat shape allows for stronger splices and connections as the ends of the ribbon are overlapped and clinched together. Not only is this splice and connection methodology more durable, but it can also be completed 90% faster. In contrast, diamond-shaped ribbon requires installers to weld back the zinc and wrap the exposed steel rods together, causing a conductive bottleneck and a brittle splice.

  • Easier to complete splices = 50% cost savings per splice
  • Easier to bend and manipulate = increased ease of install

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