Powering the drive.

Zinc is truly essential to life, in all aspects. To your health. To your city. Even to your drive. Without zinc, our cars would never start, our headlights would never shine, and our stereos would never play.

Keep moving with zinc.

ARTAZN has a history of partnering with key players in the automobile industry, using zinc’s natural properties to power a number of vehicle parts. Low melting point, unique and consistent conductivity, impact resistance, and self-lubrication are vital to the industry, and they play key roles in every vehicle, from the fuse protective system and leaf springs’ inner-liners for noise reduction, to exterior trim for style. And ARTAZN provides them all at the best value.

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Alloy 750
The consistent and low melting point of zinc, as compared to copper, creates a dependable voltage and low amperage operating range ideal for the automotive blade fuse industry. Additionally, zinc can be easily plated, skived, and stamped while historically remaining a better value than similar metals.

More efficient than copper
Dependable voltage and low amperage range
Easily plated, skived, and stamped
Better value

Exterior Trim

Alloy 190
Metal accents are regaining popularity in the auto industry, and zinc is perfect for adding that extra detailing to the exterior of any car. It is easily malleable and can be stamped and chrome plated. Its dent-resistant property also aids in maintaining the cosmetic appearance.

Easily malleable
Can be stamped and chrome plated
More cost competitive than brass or stainless steel

Leaf Spring Inner Liners

Alloy 750
Leaf spring inner-liners reduce the metal on metal friction of a truck’s leaf spring. Zinc is ideal for this application since it is a low-cost, self-lubricating metal that can reduce metal to metal sounds.

Low cost
Reduces friction between metals

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