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We’re one of the world’s leading coin blank manufacturers. We focus on high-value, high-performance innovations that disrupt the industry. For example, ARTAZN was the first company ever to introduce a plated coin option. And for more than 35 years now, our plated zinc-based coin blanks have been in circulation, benefitting our customers tremendously from both security and economic standpoints.

Now, we have over 300 billion coin blanks circulating across 20 countries and more innovations on the way. Here are just a few of the countries we’ve crafted currency for:

United States of America
Dominican Republic
Papua New Guinea


Consider us a one-stop shop for superior coinage solutions.

Our integrated facility covers every stage of the coin blank manufacturing process, from the alloying, casting, rolling, slitting, blanking, rimming, annealing, and final plating of different zinc-based alloys. We produce coin blanks in our latest material innovation, ZincSecure®, and in steel based material. We offer both ZincSecure® and Steel Substrate in mono-, bi- and multi-ply plating options with different finishes: copper (red), white (nickel), and yellow (brass and bronze).

ARTAZN is ISO 9001:2015 certified and maintains high quality standards for coinage products using the latest technologies, like our automated visual inspection systems. And all of our coin blanks are precision-manufactured with a bright, high-quality surface.


Alloying and Casting

Different alloying elements are melted in high-grade-zinc to produce alloys with a unique EMS.


Our rolling mills allow flexibility of producing coins with different thicknesses while maintaining tight tolerance to cater to different customer needs.


Different sets of slitters reduce the width of the coil to maximize the efficiency during the blanking operation.

Blanking and Rimming

Our high-speed presses coupled with rimming machines can produce high volume of coin blanks with different rim profiles.


Our in-house annealing ovens produce coins with the appropriate hardness for optimal coinability. Our special annealing process for zinc-based alloys ensures the base material remains untouched and only the plated layer to be annealed and stress-free.

Plating and Burnishing

Being one of the largest plating facilities in the world gives us the capability to manufacture coins at high volumes and with different finishes (red, white, yellow) and configurations mono-ply, bi-ply, and multi-ply.

Our efficient and high-speed burnishers produce high quality coin blanks with excellent surface finish.


The New Standard of Currency Production

Introducing our latest coin innovation. A cost-effective solution for high-cost alloy coins (HSA) and low-value notes, ZincSecure represents an alternative coinage material manufactured with banks’ and mints’ best interests in mind. Its benefits include:

Superior Security
Excellent Performance
Significant Costs Savings

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Steel Substrate

When Reliability Counts Most

ARTAZN’s nickel-plated and copper-plated steel substrate coin blanks are made using our proprietary high-speed electroplating process, producing a bright, high-quality finished coin blank. Discover the entire line.

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