Explore the best of zinc.

Every day, we work to transform this essential element into essential products powered by precision and performance. Our development process focuses on utilizing zinc’s natural and distinct characteristics to elevate existing products or the design and function of new ones.

Products made from our zinc strip are excellent substitutes for copper due to its tarnish resistance, lower density, corrosion resistance, lower melting point, impact resistance, and cost advantage.


We have more than 300 billion coins circulating throughout the world, produced in the last 40 years. That demands another level of precision, security, and experience. Find out how we do it.

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Zinc strip’s properties are vital to the automotive industry. From extra styling to fuses that ensure your car starts, zinc strip’s role is unquestionable. What’s more, all of today’s major manufacturers of automotive fuses incorporate solid zinc strip in their products.

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Building: Construction + Architecture Products When form meets function. Since zinc strip is corrosion-resistant and a fungistat that allows thermal expansion; it’s also ideal for applications that require long-lasting durability. The ductility, malleability, and soldering qualities of zinc strip ensure it can be manipulated into tight spaces and intricate forms, allowing more creative architectural expression.

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From corrosion of steel-reinforced concrete structures to concrete highway pavement failing prematurely from chloride-induced corrosion, our cathodic protection systems rely on proven zinc technology to provide long-term, cost-effective solutions.

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